Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life – whether it is the first time or the sixth! Every day your body grows and changes, creating a brand-new and unique little person. 
You deserve to feel beautiful. Maternity photoshoot is the time to celebrate this incredible time and create beautiful memories!  

The best time for a pregnancy photoshoot is the beginning of 3rd trimester (around 27-30 weeks) when your belly is nice and round and you still feel good. Maternity sessions are usually in my studio and take about 45 mins up to 1 hour. In that time I aim to do a variety of poses, setups and outfit changes (including partner and children if required). We can create a gallery full of beautiful photos with your own 'everyday' clothes, also I can provide you with stunning gowns from my collection.
​​​​​​​Up to 5 working days after the photo shoot, you will receive a link to the private gallery with unedited images and from there you will choose the photos that you’d love to get! These will be then edited and ready for you within a few weeks after the day you make your selections (this varies depending on how busy I am and how quickly you will pick your gallery. ​​​​​​​
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