No gift is too small to make it big. This is especially true for the Accordion Mini Book: a foldable mini-album with a magnetic seal that captures the greatest moments: a hug, a kiss, a dear look... All these beautiful moments find their place here and can be taken anywhere. Show your loved ones that you are always there!

Available in three colours:
 Crimson Red Velvet 
Off White Velvet
Emerald Green Velvet 
Available Size :
7x7 cm / 2.7x2.7” 

*If you decided to purchase a whole gallery one of them is for FREE included! 
In the DM please send me the colour and graver detials* 
What great gift is hidden in this eco-friendly mini box? The Accordion Mini Book, that’s right! Available in two colours (black and with a Terrazzo pattern), you’ll give your loved ones a special experience when they unwrap it. The album can also be stored in this box. ...and if you like to tell stories, you mention in passing that the box is made of used coffee grounds...that will make fragrance lovers and eco-friends particularly happy. With a piece of text of your choosing or a Christmas pattern on the lid, you can give the box that certain something.

Available in two colours:

Box can be with the same pattern as the Mini accordion book or simple plain! 
The choice is yours! 
Choose three of the most beautiful photos and hand them as a gift in this three-part photo display, which also cuts a fine figure when folded. Give this gift an extra personal touch with laser-engraved lettering on the cover. 

Available in three colours:
 Crimson Red Velvet 
Off White Velvet
Emerald Green Velvet 
Available Sizes:
 6x6” (15x15 cm)  £29
6x9” (15x23 cm) £29
8x8” (20x20 cm) £39
8x12” (20x30 cm) £39

A Triplex, Mini about a Lite Album? In a handy and above all not too large format, patterns on the cover can be gilded here. A truly golden gift for Christmas. Ideal for those who want to enhance the photographs contained in the album in a special way.

Available Size:
 20x20cm / 8x8”
5 - spreads £39
10- spreads £45

*on each spread it could be a few different photos, all projects will be made by me
A special kind of box for your lite album. Fine splashes of colour on solid white coffee paper (made with eco-friendly coffee grounds) are reminiscent of Terazzo patterns that are as unique as your photo gift. The box also comes with a thin sheet of paper on the inside, which coats your album and further accentuates its first opening

Available Size:
 20x20cm / 8x8” 

Available colour: 
Terrazzo (eco-friendly)
6 Festive  Designs are available for all of the above products! 

Also, we can create a short text of your choice e.g. 
- Merry Christmas
- Christmas mini 2022
- Alex 1st Christmas
 -  Happy Holiday
In my prints I am using the best quality paper: 
- a middle ground between glossy and satin
- incredible definition, natural skin tones, and a small amount of gloss
- slight shine enhances the details and colours of the photo
- lower gloss also means fewer problems associated with glare and fingerprints

Available Sizes:
- 10x15cm / 4x6"  £1.50 each

- 15x23cm / 6x9"  £ 3.00 each   
(this size is included with each chosen digital photo)

- 20x30cm / 8x12"  £5.00 each 
Please, be aware this is just a CHRISTMAS PRODUCT OFFER with discounted prices.
Other products will be available soon. 
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